GDG is not about swag its about Knowledge

GDG Bhubaneswar is one of the top chapters in India and is without doubt the most vibrant community that bind a lot of like minded people like us. And the credit for all these goes to all of you our community members, you have been the agents, the protagonists and the drivers of this movement for bringing together tech enthusiasts. Since last couple of years from humble beginings we have come a good way, and for many years to come we will just accelerate our way forward. And the responsibility to take it forward like its present state lies on you folks. Because at the end of the day GDG BBSR is a community and like any other community, it needs rules, leadership, succession and a sense of belonging to thrive. Above all its the mission that has brought us together into this and will keep us bound i.e “ To be the platform to share tech knowledge to among ourselves”. As its clear from our mission KNOWLEDGE is the root cause of why we are in this community. A knows X, B knows Y A and B together know X+Y, thats the simple arithmetic that incentivizes each of us to put in time and work for GDG BBSR. And its important it stays that way. Because if it doesn’t we loose our USP and become like countless other social networking based communities whose members perhaps don’t know they are members. Its in all our interest to align our motivations right, because at the end of the day its not the slice of pizza that we are chewing or the GDG t-shirt we get thats gonna count. What will count is the non perishable knowledge that will drive us into our careers, help us create solutions to the worlds problems and above all make us meaningful.

So friends lets keep the incentives right, if you want a tshirt or some other swag, you don’t need to waste your time with us. Sites like presto and campussutra will get your work done in a couple of minutes and in a nett time money valuation wise cheaper. We are here to share knowledge and will do whatever we can to bring and disseminate the most updated of it. Making an attempt to put it a little more hip way I would say It’s not the swag stupid its the kwag.

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