Gdg Bhubaneshwar came forth with first of its kind coding contest “codeking and code queen” which was coordinated by Mr.Basant Moharana (GDG community manager), Mr. Sanjib Parida (co-founder and CTO of, Mr.Linkan Patra, Mr. Biplab Parida and Mr.Rabjit Khuntia .The event commenced on 2nd October and continued for 8 consecutive days in 7 different colleges of CET, ITER, IIIT, IIT-BHUBANESHWAR, C.V.R.C.E., SILICON, KIIT. The prelims at each college principally had 2 rounds and questions were based on basic coding logics. Over 600+ participants contested in the event among whom only 45(5-6 contestants from each college) made their way into the finals. The finals was held on 8th October at ITER. The 8 days of hunting included almost 18+ hours of contest and checking of 200+ papers daily. Finally from among the 45 finalist’s only 1 code king and 1 code queen was chosen through this war using codes. On the eve of GDG DevFest2015 that was held on 10th October at Red Cross Bhawan Mr. Basant shared his experience outlining “Code King and Code Queen”. In the event all the finalists were awarded with a gift voucher from printview and gdg goodies. And finally Shriyank Shrimal of IIT Bhubaneswar was crowned the code king and Rishika Bandopadhyay of KIIT University got the throne of Code Queen of Bhubaneswar.