Largest Healthcare Hackathon at IIT Kharagpur.

GDG Bhubaneswar was invited to mentor, the biggest health care hackathon organized by IIT Kharagpur. From 25 March to 28 March 2016.

This event was organised by the School of Medical Sciences and Technology at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. In the event Medical and engineering student, software developers, entrepreneurs involved in health mostly in eye field. The problem statement were to solve the medical problem and visually impaired people for better vision.

GDG Bhubaneswar, has organized an event called Code-a-thon it’s an over night event in this participant has to come up with a solution for the visually impaired people.

So its started with few problem statement are as follows:

  1. Low vision and Color blindness
  2. Cataract detection using phone camera and Image processing
  3. Surgical Simulation
  4. Glaucome detection using image processing

It’s an open event anyone can solve any other problem what they like solve.


GDG Bhubaneswar, we there assisting how to use open cv binding with python and any other language, and also how they can make develop this to an android app. We’ve also introduce them how to use machine learning technique’s to solve the problems which will make more accurate model. Like IBM watson it’s a cloud based technology that uses natural language processing and machine learning.

Event website :

Event Photos :

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